From the recording All Systems Are Go

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Get Ready Get Right

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You've got to get ready, You've got to get right
'Cause Jesus is comin'
Maybe morning maybe night
You've got to get ready, you've got to get right
All His people united
Show this world He's the light

He said "Let your light shine
So that all men might see
My goodness in you and glorify Me."
He said let His love show
To the ends of the earth
Bringing all nations soul savin' new birth


He said that the hour is so close at hand
So let's stand and be a witness to every man
Stop trying' to figure out
What day His coming will be
Just let His love show
'Cause it's love that sets men free


Da do now You got to get ready
You got to get right
Come on everybody now
Come on we got to get ready
Now all right got to get ready, now you and I
Get ready my brother, get ready my sister
'Cause Jesus is comin', He's comin' real soon
Ya eah you and I
Well you got to get ready, you got to get right
You got to get ready, you got to get right
Everybody, everybody, everybody
Show the world He's the light
He's the light yes He is
You know it's true, you know it's true