Tim Archer: Keeping a Legacy

If you know anything about the beginnings of contemporary Christian music and pop-Gospel, then you know about Tim Archer and The Archers. The legacy and influence of the iconic trio remain strong to this day. Tim Archer has worked steadily to preserve that heritage. “I want to keep our songs accessible to the many friends and fans who are still moved and touched by the music and ministry of The Archers,” says Tim. “We still get emails and messages from all across America and even around the world, from people who want to tell us the ‘rest of the story’ of how we and our music intersected with their lives.”

Tim Archer grew up in church. As the son of a preacher, he saw first-hand how music moved people. By age five, he had performed his first solo; by his mid-teens he was singing with brothers Gary and Steve as “The Archer Brothers;” and by eighteen, he had promoted his first concert (the concert was with Larry Norman). In 1972 Nancye Short joined Tim and Steve and the group officially became The Archers. Soon the group caught the attention of Gospel great Andraé Crouch, pop icon Pat Boone and Light Records founder Ralph Carmichael. Tim considers working with these mentors to be among his most treasured experiences. In 1977 Janice Archer joined her brothers, adding to The Archers’ signature family-harmony blend.


Career highlights include performing at the White House, Madison Square Garden, The Universal Amphitheater and Radio City Music Hall. The Archers also performed on the Grammy Awards Telecast two years in a row. In 1980, they shared the Grammy stage with Dony McGuire, Reba Rambo, Andraé Crouch, B.J. Thomas, Cynthia Clawson and Walter and Tramaine Hawkins. The Archers took home a Grammy that year and were nominated again in 1981, when they had the privilege to perform with Joe Cocker, Al Green and The Crusaders.


“Of course, meeting the people who came out to hear our music was the best,” says Tim. “The band had to drag me back on the bus after a concert. I didn’t want to leave until the last person left the venue. Their comments and prayers always meant so much to me.”


Having had success as a singer, songwriter, band leader, producer and speaker, Tim is now adding music restoration and conservation to his resume. He and his wife Cynthia live in the Nashville area where they work to preserve and celebrate the heritage of not only The Archers, but of all the artists who pioneered this amazing era of music.

Written by CCM artist, producer and author Morgan Cryar



Any Day Now (1972, Charisma Records)
Notable Contributors: Clark Gassman (arrangements), Ami Hadami (engineer)  Tracks:  1.God's Love  1.I've a Friend  3.Put On Jesus  4.Life in Jesus  5.It Won't Be Long  6.As Long as I Know  7.Basically Roamin'  8.Jesus Is the Answer  9.God's Throne  10.For Me, For You

The Archers (1973, Impact Records)
Notable Contributors: Clark Gassman (arrangements), Ami Hadami (engineer), Bill Grein (photography, husband of artist Janny Grein) Tracks: 1.God's Love  2.I've a Friend  3.Put On Jesus  4.Life in Jesus  5.It Won't Be Long  6.As Long as I Know  7.Basically Roamin'  8.Jesus Is the Answer  9.God's Throne  10.For Me, For You

Keep Singin' That Love Song (1974, Impact Records)
Notable Contributors: Jim Gordon (drums)  Tracks: 1.Keep Singin' That Love Song  2.Truth, Peace and Joy  3.He Washed My Sins Away  4.Children  5.Jesus (He Is the Son of God)  6.Thank You, Lord Jesus  7.Little Flowers  8.Soul Down  9.He Loves You  10.There Is a Light

Things We Deeply Feel (1975, Light Records)
Notable Contributors: Bill Cole (producer), Clark Gassman (string and brass arrangements, moog), David Paich (keyboards), Jay Graydon (guitar), Lee Ritenour (guitar), Red Rhodes (steel guitar), Ed Green (drums), Hal Blaine (drums), Leland Sklar (bass), Harold Hensky (electric fiddle)  Tracks:  1.Music (He Brings a New Song)  2.Giver of Life  3.Sit Yourself Down  4.Lord, You've Been Good to Me  5.It Wouldn't Be Enough  6.I'm With Jesus  7.Brand New Day  8.You Are My Inspiration  9.If You Can't Believe in Love (You Don't Believe in Anything at All)  10.It's Love to Me  11.Praise Him
Available: to download from iTunes; to download from Google Play

Fresh Surrender (1977, Light Records)
Notable Contributors: Mike Baird (drums), Jim Keltner (drums), Paul Liem (drums), Wilton Felder (drums), Dave Hungate (drums), Reinie Press (drums), Dean Parks (guitar), Ben Benay (guitar), Lee Ritenour (guitar), Phil Kristianson (keyboard), Larry Mehoberac (keyboard, instrumental arrangements, orchestrations), Jimmy Getzoff, Concert Master (strings), John Guess (engineer), Bill Cole (producer), Alan Bergman (photography)  Tracks: 1.I Need You  2.Fresh Surrender  3.With Every Breath I Take  4.Water Into Wine  5.Give Him Praise  6. I'm Gonna Rise  7.Change  8.Sanctified Life  9.Make Me an Instrument  10.You Know the Future
Available: On CD in the store;  to download from my music page;  to download from iTunes;  to download from Google Play

Stand Up (1979, Light Records)
Notable Contributors: Larry Muhoberac (producer, arrangements, keyboards), John Guess (producer, engineer), Bernie Grundman (mastering), Alan Bergman (photography), Billy Preston (Keyboards and B3), David Hungate (bass), Sandra Crouch (percussion, choir), Mike Baird (drums), Paul Leim (drums), Reinie Press (bass), Tim May (guitar), Greg Porée (guitar), Thom Rotella (guitar), Phil Kristianson (keyboards, synthesizer), Ernie Watts (tenor sax), Chuck Findlay (trumpet), Bill Watrous (trombone), Buddy Collette (woodwinds), King Errison (percussion), Jimmy Getzoff, Concert Master (strings)  Tracks:  1.Only His Love  2.We're All Gonna Leave Here  3.Fool's Paradise  4.Moments I Spend With You  5.Stand Up!  6.Blame It on the One I Love  7.More (So Much More)  8.Livin' In Your Love  9.God Loves You  10.Pickin' Up the Pieces
Available: On CD in the store; to download from my music page; to download from iTunes; to download from Google Play

Celebrate Live (1980, Light Records)
Notable Contributors:  Michael Fickling (drums), Tim Jaquette (bass), Tony Sena (guitar), Phil Kristianson (keyboards), Dan Cutrona (keyboards), Paul Bahn (drums), Sandra Crouch (percussion), Charles Davis (trumpet), Larry Hall (trumpet), Bill Reichenbach (trombone, horn arrangements), Gary Herbig (saxaphone, flute), Stephanie Reach (background vocals), Jack Joseph Puig (engineer)  Tracks:  1.Celebrate  2.Wonderful to Feel Your Love  3.Where Could I Go  4.Lord, Keep Your Lovin' Hand on Me  5.Sunshine on a Cloudy Day  6.I'm Gonna Rise  7.It Wouldn't Be Enough  8.Waitin', Anticipatin'  9.Fresh Surrender  10.Stand Up  11.Celebrate
Available: to download from my music page; to download from iTunes; to download from Google Play

Spreadin' Like Wildfire (MCA Songbird Records)
Notable Contributors:  Dony McGuire (producer, arrangements, keyboards), Buddy Skipper (strings, horn arrangements), Larry London (drums), Alex Acuna (percussion), Hadley Hockensmith (guitar), Bill Kenner (mandolin), The Shelly Kurland Strings (strings)  Tracks:  1.Spreadin' Like Wildfire  2.I Never Knew Love  3.Sooner or Later  4.Back In Your Arms  5.Everyday  6.Runnin' Too Long  7.Care  8.Nothing Can Separate Us  9. Merry-go-round  10.Never Say Goodbye

All Systems Are Go (1984, Light Records)
Notable Contributors:  Skip Conte (producer, engineer), Herb Jamerson (keyboards, arrangements), Bob Somma (guitar), John Andrew Schreiner (keyboards, arrangements), Albert Wing (saxophone), Lee Kicks (drums), Joe Lala (percussion), Bernie Grundman (mastering)  Craig DePhillippi (hair-HA!)  Tracks:  1.All Systems Are Go  2.What's It Gonna Take  3.Heaven In Your Eyes  4.Get Ready Get Right  5.My Hope  6.Walk Like He Walks  7.Winnin' Again  8.Don't Let It  9.Every Good and Perfect Gift

Colors of Your Love (1991, Reunion Records)
Notable Contributors:  Jonathan David Brown (producer), Michael Blanton (executive producer), Terry Hemmings (executive producer), Marty Walsh (guitar), Jerry McPherson (guitar), Smitty Price (arrangements, keyboards), Carl Marsh (keyboards), Phil Kristianson (keyboards), Spencer Campbell (bass), Gary Lunn (bass), John Patitucci (bass), Keith Edwards (drums), Mark Hammond (percussion)  Tracks:  1.All Things  2.I Love You Lord  3.All Because You Love Me  4.The Colors of Your Love  5.Run to You  6.Music (All Around the World)  7.Back on Track  8.Be Our Guest  9.Beneath Your Blood  10.We Need Each Other

Compilations (Greatest Hits)

In The Beginning (1979, Greentree Records)
A compilation project which includes select songs from "The Archers" and "Keep Singin' That Love Song"  Tracks:  1.Jesus He Is the Son of God  2.Basically Roamin'  3.There Is a Light  4.It Won't Be Long  5.Keep Singin' That Love Song  6.Life in Jesus  7.Children  8.God's Love  9.Thank You Lord Jesus  10.Jesus Is the Answer

At Their Very Best (1982, Light Records)
A compilation project that includes hits from The Archers' Light Records projects.  Tracks:  1.It Wouldn't Be Enough  2.With Every Breath I Take  3.Pickin' Up the Pieces  4.I'm With Jesus  5.Music (He Brings a New Song)  6.Lord, You've Been Good to Me  7.Fool's Paradise  8.Change  9.Only His Love  10.Make Me an Instrument

Golden Classics (1984, Light Records)
A compilation project that includes selections from The Archers' Light Records projects.  Tracks:  1.Stand Up  2.Brand New Day  3.Sanctified Life  4.Moments with You  5.Sunshine on a Cloudy Day  6.Celebrate  7.You Are My Inspiration  8.I Need You  9.More (So Much More)  10.Give Him Praise


The Witness (1978, Light Records)
A musical by Jimmy and Carol Owens featuring Tim and Steve Archer as James and John, the "Sons of Thunder." Tim and Steve sing the duet "Make Me Like You" and feature on "Nothin' Ever Happens." Notable Contributors:  Jimmy Owens (arrangements, conductor, producer), Carol Owens, Barry McGuire, Anne Herring, Jamie Owens-Collins, Matthew Ward, Nelly Ward-Griesen, Joni Speaks, Dan Collins, Buddy Owens, Mike Deasy (guitar), Michael Omartian (Oberheim synthesizer Improvisations), John Guess (engineer)  Tracks:  1.The Witness  2.Lullaby  3.Nothin' Ever Happens  4.When You Find the Truth  5.Mary's Song (Whatever He Says)  6.Born Again  7.Life Giver/You Are the Christ  8.My Boys  9.Make Me Like You  10. Hosanna (Triumphal Entry)  11.In Love For Me (Communion Song)  12.Silver and Gold  13.Crucifixion Dirge  14.He Came in Love  15.They Took Him Down  16.The Victor  17.I Love You, Lord  18.Lambs Alone  19.The Room Upstairs/Get Ready  20.Reprise: LifeGiver/Born Again/You Are the Christ
Available: to download from JimmyAndCarolOwens.com

Jesus the Rock (1980, Greentree Records)
A rock collection featuring Greentree artists. The Archers contributed "Thank You, Lord Jesus." Tracks:  1.Love in My Heart (Dallas Holm)  2.He Can Be (Reba Rambo)  3.Way Up High (One Truth)  4.Keep On (Tim Sheppard)  5.Thank You for the Music (McGuire)  6.I'm Gonna Rise (Andrus, Blackwood & Company)  7.Give It Up (The Wall Brothers Band)  8.You Can't Take Away the Lord (Larry Norman)  9.Touched by Love (Found Free) 10.Thank You, Lord Jesus (The Archers)

The Lord's Prayer (1980, Light Records)
A theme project from co-writers Dony McGuire and Reba Rambo where each song is based on a verse from The Lord's Prayer. The Archers performed "Give Us This Day." Notable Contributors:  Dony McGuire (producer, keyboards, arrangements), Marty McCall (background vocals), Sandra Crouch (percussion)  Tracks:  1.The Lord's Prayer  2.Teach Us to Pray (Cynthia Clawson)  3.Father Which Art in Heaven  4.Hallowed Be They Name (B.J. Thomas)  5.Thy Kingdom Come (Tramaine and Walter Hawkins)  6.Give Us This Day (The Archers)  7.Forgive Me (Reba Rambo)  8.Lead Us Not Into Temptation (Andrae Crouch)  9.Deliver Us  10.The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory (Dony McGuire)
Available: on CD from RamboMcGuire.com; to download from iTunes; to download from Google Play