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Blame It on the One I Love

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Also from the Stand Up album, "Blame It On the One I Love" was written by CCM pioneer Kelly Willard. Most people may not know that Kelly was The Archers' first keyboard player, sharing many great days on the road with us.


People stop me and ask why I'm so happy
Well, they don't understand how I can feel the way I do
They say that I don't seem to have a worry in the world
Well, my life is full and free
And, they wanna know what's happened to me,
And, I just?

Blame it on the One I Love
'Cause, He's the only One who can make me happy
Sent to me from up above
Well, everyone can see that I am so in Love.

I used to think that Love was just a feeling
Oh, that would change with everyday
I didn't know that Love could stay (right in my heart)
But, now I know that Love is something deeper
Than the eye can see
And, I'll never ever be the same
And, there's only one Person to blame...

[Repeat Chorus]